Sailor moon webcam

Now that bandwidth is cheap and abundant and video is the chosen media of the web, it pays to have a webcam.

For some time these were cool toys, and in some respects they still are, but the webcam has finally started to cross over into the category of necessary peripherals, along with speakers, a printer, and a scanner.

Video sites like You Tube, hobbies like video blogging, and the services like Skype’s free video chatting all make a webcam worth having.

In this review we will be looking at Logitech’s new Quick Cam Pro 9000.

Nobody likes the idea of some creepy hacker remotely peering through their webcam. It’s a small rounded rectangle with a couple of tiny magnets inside and an adhesive backing.

Well, some do, but for everyone else Nope 2.0 will shield you from prying eyes. Peel off the protective strip and stick it in place, and you’ve got a tiny shutter that you can open and close over your webcam when you want to be seen.

That all of this seemed to be happening at once—the instagram of Anna Wintour, the in-progress montages, the general thrum of your studio—felt very Your practice, and its reception, seem fully embedded in social media feeds: Instagram, Twitter, Vine, etc.

There are a lot of webcams available at, or under, the Pro 9000’s price point so choosing one can be difficult.

The Pro looks great on paper but we will be taking a close look to see how it performs under actual use.

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