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Hershel Shanks, the editor of BAR, says that “a reasonable guess is that 100 of these [unpublished texts] are Biblical texts on 200 plates” (1989c:20).

in a July 9, 1989, editorial, “The Vanity of Scholars,” complained that “the scrolls were discovered in 1947, but many that are in fragments remain unpublished.

A few other scrolls translated on this web site were found in other locations in the Judean Desert, and were copied prior to 135 A. The community at Qumran, where the scrolls were found, was abandoned during the Judean-Roman war, which ran from 66-70 A. Most scholars believe the best method for dating the scrolls is by an analysis of the handwriting.

Finally, in the caves with the scrolls, some coins have been found from the period matching the age of the scrolls.

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However in the letters, we attached two caveats - neither of which, in the event, were observed - 1) that "Opposition Scholars" (the term people were applying to dissenting "scholars" like myself) be included in the process to ensure objectivity and that their concerns were properly and fairly addressed (since it was they who had felt the most need for such tests in the first place); and 2) that "relative" as opposed to "absolute dating" - meaning, "earlier vs.“I was also indirectly responsible for the second run of carbon tests in 1995. He gave advice as I entered the academic world and then applied to graduate schools. 42) By Greg Doudna October 2013 I became interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls from reading books by Robert Eisenman, and it was the first radiocarbon datings done on Dead Sea texts at Zurich in 1991 prompted by a letter of Eisenman and Philip Davies that started my interest in radiocarbon dating. I first met him at a Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in Boston in 1987.Despite anything that has happened since, I will always remember these things.During my first semester of graduate study at Cornell in the fall of 1991, Eisenman called me inviting me to fly out to the West coast to appear with him for a filming of “Nova” in the Huntington Library at San Marino, California.