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16 Section 2.07 Delivery of Mortgage Loan Documents; Pricing of UBS Website Mortgage Loans. 38 Section 3.05 Repurchase of Mortgage Loans With Early Payment Default. 38 ARTICLE IV INTERIM SERVICING AND SERVICING TRANSFER OF THE MORTGAGE LOANS 39 Section 4.01 Interim Servicing of Mortgages. 51 ARTICLE IX MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 53 Section 9.01 Successor to the Company. When there is more than one applicant, the lowest of the applicants’ Credit Scores will be used.

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: A certificate signed by the Chairman of the Board, President, any Vice President or Treasurer of the Company stating the date by which the Company expects to receive any missing documents sent for recording from the applicable recording office.

56 Section 9.12 Assignment by Purchaser and Company. : With respect to any Mortgage Loan, the ratio of the original outstanding principal amount of the Mortgage Loan and any other mortgage loan which is secured by a lien on the related Mortgaged Property to (i) the Appraised Value of the related Mortgaged Property at origination with respect to a Refinanced Mortgage Loan, and (ii) the lesser of the Appraised Value of the related Mortgaged Property at origination or the purchase price of the related Mortgaged Property with respect to all other Mortgage Loans.

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