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The poly-couple profile could only select one gender, for example, and its profile photo would feature two people.

Though specialized dating sites for polyamorous people exist, this appears to be the first instance of a mainstream online-dating platform allowing two users to search for sexual partners together, as a unit.

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However, Almendares says, that created confusion for people looking to join polyamorous arrangements.As an alternative, the New York Mets schedule can be downloaded by following the "Download the CSV File" instructions.Please note: The CSV file will not automatically update game information as it changes/becomes available.Online-dating behemoth Ok Cupid is adding a feature tailor-made for polyamorous people.The new setting, which became available for some beta users in December, allows users who are listed as “seeing someone,” “married,” or “in an open relationship” on the platform to link their profiles and search for other people to join their relationship.